What is Organic?

What Makes a Food Organic? There are five ways that food products can be tainted by chemicals, genetic engineering or irradiation.

  • The first is when farmers use liquid or solid chemical fertilizers directly on and or in the soil. These fertilizers are used to stimulate the soil into growing the plant because the natural cycle of soil composting and replenishment is broken by letting nothing go back to the soil. Everything isused now days, overripe fruit for flavorings, twigs for fruit oil, leaves are carted away for other uses, etc. The soil becomes depleted.

  • The second is when farmers spray chemical pesticides directly onto the plants to keep insects, rodents and birds away. Unfortunately, chemical residue is not what we want to deal with these days. Our bodies already have enough stress.

  • The third area of contamination is where fumigants are used to control fermentation and rodent infestation in the storage areas, like silos and barns.

  • The fourth is when the harvested fruit, vegetable or grain has been irradiated to maintain the illusion of freshness, all to limit spoilage and loss.

  • The fifth is where genetic engineering has created an unnatural seed that produces a hybrid or mutated plant, again for higher yields and lower losses from spoilage or shipping damage.

What gives companies the right to say ORGANIC on their label?
Companies can use the ORGANIC label only if they pass certification from a recognized certification board, like the Oregon Tilth or the newly spawned FDA arm of enforcing national standards for Organic Labeling.

Who checks that the information is true and correct?
There are good reputable certification boards that inspect and test farms for purity and chemical residue. Organic farms have to have not used chemicals for three years and, of course, not spray the plants with chemicals…and no sewage sludge based fertilizers can be used either.

Does organic food taste better?
Organic foods are the way back to health and youth.
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