Iodine is one of the lost minerals, branded as a toxin and stolen from us by big industry. This was mainly due to iodophobic publications appearing in the mid 1940s and the erroneous assumption that absence of goiter means Iodine sufficiency, & again back in the early 80’s, when iodine was removed from bakery goods & replaced with Bromates, which are Iodine blocking agents due to the fact that they compete with Iodine for the same receptor sites on the thyroid. It is possible Iodine has been taken from our diet because Iodine replete tissues make radioactive-Iodine medical scans very difficult. In 1980, the USDA reported in The Fortification of Foods: A Review” that Iodine as a disinfectant has long been known as lethal. Never, has lethal been documented. It’s a lie.

Potassium bromate is a powerful oxidizing agent that chemically ages flour much faster than open air or Iodine. Potassium bromate bleaches dough, & enhances its elasticity by strengthening its network of molecular bridges, which makes for the formation of tiny, thin-walled bubbles as the bread rises. The end product is fluffy, soft & unnaturally white. Ideally, that end product is also entirely devoid of potassium bromate, which is supposed to change to potassium bromide, a harmless byproduct, during baking. But it doesn’t always convert so the Feds have set a safe level of 75 ppm. Potassium bromate has been banned from use in food products in the European Union, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, South Korea, Peru and some other countries. It was banned in Sri Lanka in 2001, China in 2005, and banned in India on the 20th of June 2016.

In 1982, researchers in Japan published the first of a series of studies showing that potassium bromate causes cancer in the thyroid, kidneys & other body parts of rats & mice. Bernard Courtois, a French chemist, discovered Iodine around 1810. In 1813, Guy- Lussac was synthesizing Iodine. Iodine quickly became known as the “Swiss Army Knife Of Medicine”. The type safe for humans is Lugol’s, (tablets or tincture) an “inorganic non-radioactive Iodine/Iodide”. With the 2% Lugol’s Iodine, 1 drop equals 2.5mg (1mg of iodine & 1.5mg of iodide), or simply take Iodoral tablets.

Here are a few more interesting facts:

  • • In total, the human body can hold 1,500 mg of Iodine
  • • The thyroid holds up to 50 mg of Iodine
  • •20 percent of the Iodine in your body is held in your skin (if your skin is low in Iodine, you won’t be able to sweat)
  • • 32 percent of your body’s Iodine stores are in your muscles (when muscles are depleted, pain & other fibromyalgia symptoms can develop)
  • • Your thyroid weighs 15 to 20 grams.

Hypothyroidism has become an epidemic! It’s now estimated 80% of the population suffers from it. One big reason is FLUORIDE. It’s in tap water, bottled water & food. Iodine is the element needed for thyroid synthesis. You can take Iodine all day long, but Fluoride will prevent your body from using it. In fact, it “tricks” the body into thinking its Iodine. Often, a condition called “reverse T-3 synthesis” occurs. The “normal reference range margin” for hypothyroidism, gets routinely LOWERED, to give us the illusion that we are within “the normal range”.

Within 2 hours of taking 50 mg of Lugol’s, I got the “BOING” effect. VERY clear headed, happy, no more irritability or depression. Once every few weeks, I rub Iodine on my feet and my belly mixed with an essential oil just before bed. About 5 drops total. It absorbs almost immediately. Please understand, starting with 50 mg of Iodine may produce a headache due to “toxin purge”. I eat only organic foods and worked up to the 50 mg dose over several months. All our glands need Iodine but our soil is depleted of it, to the point where the government had to start adding Iodine to table salt in the 1920s due to school kids developing goiter. The amount we get from iodized salt, however, is just enough to stave off goiter. Plus, after opening iodized salt, the Iodine weakens quickly with exposure to the air.

On the periodic table of the elements, you will see on the second column to the right what are called the Halides. Iodine is a halide, but so are Fluorine, Chlorine, and Bromine. Fluorine, Chlorine & Bromine have no nutritional value, but happen to be ubiquitous environmental toxins (yes that even includes the fluoride in toothpaste but that’s another story). (Prozac is 18.4% fluoride.). Luvox is 17.9%, Paxil is 6.1%. Haldol, Celexa, Cipram, Lexapro, Dalmane, Cipro, Levaquin and many more also contain fluoride. Fluorine & Bromine are both toxins when fed to America as bromates & fluoride. When our bodies are low in Iodine, our bodies will readily absorb Bromates & Fluoride into the thyroid, making it very difficult to uptake Iodine until the Bromates & Fluoride are flushed out. More on that later. Fluoride makes us docile. That is why it is an ingredient in these drugs. It is mentioned here because with Iodine deficiency, which is more common than not in the U.S, fluoride & bromide often are taken up in the glands (thyroid, ovaries, breasts, etc) instead of Iodine. Is it becoming clear why you have brain fog & need caffeine?

Dr. Brownstein says that when Iodine was replaced by Bromine as a leavening agent in bread several decades ago, there was a concurrent and exponential rise in breast cancer. Coincidence? So, the U.S. RDA for Iodine… and remember this is just the amount to prevent goiter…. is 150mcg, that’s MICRO-MILLIGRAMS. There are 1000 micro-milligrams in a milligram. 5 drops of Lugol’s 2% solution has 12 MILLIGRAMS of Iodine. So Dr. Brownstein is treating his patients with megadoses of Iodine, according to the USRDA. Listening to Dr. Brownstein, Iodine (as Potassium Iodide) was prescribed in old days as a general cure-all for all kinds of maladies. Whether you believe that or not, taking Lugol’s cannot hurt you, it can only help you. You will probably experience a cleansing reaction at first (flu-like symptoms and headache), as the Iodine slowly kicks all that Fluoride & Bromine out of your glands & takes their place. Drink lots of water, get extra sleep for a week or so.

**DOSAGE: Each drop has 1mg of Iodine and 1.5mg of iodide for a total of 2.5mg. I started with 5 drops internally, which is 12.5mg every day of Lugol’s 2% Iodine. I am an adult male. After several months I went up to 20 drops per day. That’s 50 mg. After a few months I go back to a maintenance dose of 12.5mg. Iodine definitely helps wake up the thyroid. Iodoral enteric coated Iodine tablets can be taken if the liquid Iodine on an empty stomach causes nausea.

**Please read Lynn Farrow’s book “THE IODINE CRISIS”. It contains many many healing stories from people taking high dose Iodine. It also explains more about historical uses of Iodine.

**THE IODINE LOADING TEST consists of taking 12.5 milligrams of Lugol’s Iodine and then, after 24 hours, testing the urine to see
what was absorbed and what was excreted.
NOTE: It may take several months of low dose Iodine to “wake up” the thyroid.

**THE SALT LOADING PROTOCOL will flush out the bromates so that the thyroid may absorb Iodine. It involves 1/4 tsp of quality raw salt in a half cup of pure warm water, followed by a pint of pure water. Repeat after 45 min if necessary.
This flushes bromines

**DR. GUY ABRAHAM has put together a great body of forgotten & lost Iodine material, thanks to Google’s digitizing of medical books. Please visit these websites:

Breast Cancer Choices

The Iodine Project

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. Your health practitioner and doctor can do that. Self educate today!!!!!!