12 Steps To Do for Yourself


  1. Upon rising take basal temperature from arm pit. Record it.*
  2. Positive affirmation first thing upon waking.
  3. Dry brush entire body.
  4. Mini Trampoline twice daily.**
  5. Pint of pure water with lemon juice
  6. Monitor pH three times daily to see changes.
  7. 15 to 20 minutes daily of stretching.
  8. Four cups green veggies daily, raw or lightly steamed.
  9. Practice empathy daily.
  10. Last meal of the day to be vegan.
  11. Go to bed with an empty stomach. It is 50% of any program.
  12. Rerun the day in your mind while starting your sleep cycle & resolve ALL issues before drifting off to sleep. Sleep with a clean slate. It is important.

*Take a mercury thermometer & shake it down below 95 degrees. Upon waking put snugly in armpit for ten minutes. Normal range is 97.8-98.2. Test for three or four days to be sure of the results. A temperature below 97.8 may indicate hypothyroidism & need further investigatiion & testing. Common tests include:

  1. T3 resin uptake (Thyroid Hormone Binding Index or THBI). Most thyroid hormone in our blood is bound to certain proteins. Only a small amount is “free”. The resulting ratio from the test illuminates many facts.
  2. TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) measurement. The more we have in our blood, the less thyroid hormone is being released from the thyroid. The pituitary will not secrete much TSH when our T4 blood levels are normal.
    Soy seems to affect women’s thyroid in a negative way. Adding iodine to soy can greatly diminish this negative influence. Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) is known as Grave’s Disease. An inflamed thyroid (thyroiditis) is known a Hashimoto’s Disease.

**Start out doing 30 seconds two times a day. Work up to 5 minutes twice a day. Your toes can stay on the trampoline. Your’e creating pressure to move lymph. That’s all.