Taking all results into account, it can be seen that food prepared in the microwave oven -in contrast to all the other variants-causes abnormal changes in the blood of test persons indicating disorder. These early and subtle changes, which can also be found in a cancerous process, deserve attention. The results correspond to the chemical physiological changes as well as damages on living cells caused by direct irradiation of microwaves.

The luminous power of bacteria in contact with serum from test persons who consumed food prepared in the microwave oven is significantly higher than that with serum from test persons after the intake of the other food variants. Therefore, an inductive transfer of radiation energy, such as microwave energy, via ingesting irradiated food into living organisms must be taken into consideration. Such physical processes are well grounded in science. Thus, the obvious destructive properties of microwaves, supported by the above data and literature, are not only hazardous to man by direct radiation but also indirectly via irradiated food.

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