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The physicians will charge us big money to take a pH test of our blood, but we can start monitoring our pH, ourselves, by purchasing some pH test strips from the neighborhood health food store. Do a pH test on tongue saliva in the morning as well testing the urine pH. We only need a quarter inch of pH paper to get a reading. Touch the pH paper to the urine during the middle of he flow, not the beginning or the end. That way the result is more accurate. Practice some yoga or stretching and deep breathing exercises and go on daily walks to de-stress. As our blood pH moves back up to the alkaline side of the chart, our deep breathing can fully oxygenate our blood. The cancer cells cannot survive all of that fresh oxygen so they die. Our T-killer cells, being full of vigor, will kill the cancer cells that remain. It’s as simple as that. Change diet to reduce & eventually eliminate animal products, refined sugar & white flour. Basically, I am saying
consume an alkaline diet.

This is not advice that an oncologist will give us but it is advice that we can take whether we accept their treatments or not. After all, the normal pH of our blood is 7.4 and if the good doctor wants to treat us without regard to what is normal, then maybe we should redefine the nature of our association with the good doctor. If cancer is normal, then it would be normal for everybody to have cancer. But since it is not normal and since it thrives in situations that are not normal, then doesn’t it make sense to seek the things that are normal so that the cancer just disappears? A physician or oncologist who ignores the pH of our blood and does not know how to make it normal once again, is not qualified to be treating us in any way whatsoever. Avoid such physicians for the blind minions of the corporate healers that they are. Louis Pasteur’s exclamation on his death bed just sums it all up. I quote, “The germ is nothing, terrain is everything.”

Tooth decay is also cured with this simple remedy because baking soda kills decay-causing germs on contact. With our pH up, Phosphorus and Calcium will not be leached out of our jaws and hips to bring up the blood pH.

John Wayne called it “The Big C”. More than 25 years after the famed actor’s death, however, research has pointed the way toward cancer prevention through consuming a plant based alkaline diet, rich with foods to fight cancer. Here are ten foods that help fight cancer and should be included in all of our diets:

  1. Garlic – one of the best foods to boost the body’s immune system. Garlic has been revered for ages for its healing properties, but recent studies have proven that garlic consumption, along with its cousins onions, leeks and chives, also helps reduce the risk of stomach and colon cancers.
  2. Broccoli – Rich in powerhouse sulphur bearing aminos is a cruciferous vegetable no one can argue about. One of its chief chemical ingredients is indol-3-carbinol, a proven breast cancer fighter.
  3. Red Grapes – rich in bioflavinoids and resveratrol, both proven to be able to suppress the enzymes that encourage cancer cell growth. Good anti-oxidants.
  4. Tomatoes – contain the antioxidant lycopene proven to help prevent cancers.
  5. Mushrooms -Shiitake and Reishi varieties help to Strengthen the body’s immune system and fight cancer cells.
  6. Yams – the beta-carotene contained in this potato variety shields the body’s cells from cancer invasion.
  7. Berries – Blueberries are the most powerful easy to get variety for antioxidants.
  8. Papayas – this tropical fruit is a Vitamin C powerhouse, a known cancer inhibitor. Papain has the ability to digest 44,000 times its own weight per minute at all pHs.
  9. Flax – flax seed and flax seed oil are very high in omega-3 fatty acids which are proven cancer fighters.
  10. Avocados – the powerful antioxidants in this rich and creamy fruit is especially helpful in fighting liver cancer.



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