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Oxygen cannot stick to a blood cell if the ionic balance of the blood is acidic. This is what the physicians and oncologists are overlooking. With the answer to cancer so simple, one wonders why doctors do not sound the alarm to simple effective healing. Yes, it takes discipline and yes, most foods that are in our faces or on sale at every fast food joint on the best corners in town are acid forming.

The ringing alarm bell that the main stream health providers are overlooking is the blood pH. Every cancer victim that I have ever known, all, without exception, had an acidic blood pH. But while the oncologists are pumping the patient full of chemotherapy, pizzas, pancakes, cokes, ice creams, hamburgers and fries, sweet rolls and jams, followed by radiation and surgery, they are ignoring the fact that cancer thrives in a low oxygen acidic environment. Remember Patrick Swayze going from his chemotherapy treatment to a burger joint. What a shame he had bogus information
in relation to healing.

Oxygen cannot stick to blood cells if the pH of the blood is acidic. Most of us freak out in fear when we find we have cancer. So rather than do everything that we can to raise the pH back up to a normal pH of 7.4 so that the blood can function properly, most of us take advice that favor drugs and surgery. We can breath pure oxygen until we catch on fire but if our blood pH is acidic, then the oxygen cannot be picked up by our blood cells. It is chemically impossible. Our blood must be normal and normal blood has a pH of around 7.4 pH. Any vestigial traces of oxygen that the acid-drenched blood cells manage to pick up are stripped off early by the oxygen-starved cells along the way and never reach the deeper parts of the body where oxygen is most needed, like the liver or reproductive organs. Does it start to make sense about how toxin can hide out in fatty tissue, tissue that has little oxygenation and is acidic? So, because our pH is acidic, carbon dioxide is not transported efficiently and builds up within our tissues leading both to cell death and to a cell-to-cancer de-evolution, purely for survival.

Yes, our blood pH can be raised with ordinary baking soda. Bicarbonate is found in the blood naturally for the simple purpose of neutralizing acids. Therefore, those of us who want to cure their cancers should first follow the advice found above. Here is another tip. We can take a pinch of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) into our mouth, run it around our teeth and gums with our tongue while being sure to reach into the deepest parts of our gums and teeth and swallow it three times a day – more or less depending on how we feel. Also, drink a glass of water containing a teaspoon of baking soda before going to bed each night. Don’t over do it. Baking soda can be harmful if we take too much of it. Take just a little bit and see how it makes you feel. If it feels okay, then take a bit more.  Don’t overdo it but don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, the doctors experiment on us every time we go to see them as they “practice medicine”. So, why not experiment on ourselves and save the money and the pain. The absolute most important action is for us all to change our diet to a plant based diet which is alkaline.
Include baking soda as part of that diet.



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