Analysis and Observations

Analysis and Observations of the Food Variants:

Milk, which was cooked in the microwave oven
shows alterations in some essential parameters.

  • The acidity increases. The same observation can be made everywhere in nature today. Because of technically caused stresses such as poisons and radiations, the acidity increases measurably in the water, the air, the soil and in organic matter. Acidosis–smaller than pH4.5 –as well as alkalosis pH greater than 7.5 are symptoms of illness.
  • The sediment increases. The protein stability gets clearly over strained. The protein gets denatured to a greater extent than by all other processes such as pasteurization, conventional cooking, homogenization. Because of an increased sandy and slimy sediment it becomes impossible to determine the viscosity of the milk with the K.G.-Ubbelohde method.
  • The fat structure changes. Under the influence of microwaves the fat globules become over sized. That means the membranes of the normal fat globules are destroyed -similar to other cell membranes, and rebuilt again, while enclosing greater amounts of fat in a continuous succession. This process is not completely understood as yet.
  • Milk is charged with energy. The energetic irradiation with microwaves is obviously stored in milk. The luminous power of bacteria in the presence of such irradiated milk remains maintained over a longer period of time than in the presence of the other milk variants. It must be expected that such inductively charged milk can also transfer these energies to something else again, such as into a human being who consumes this milk.
  • The folic acid decreases. Folic acid is a vitamin of the B-group and is essential for the building of blood. This decrease of folic acid under the influence of microwaves confirms findings also stated in the literature. It is possible that this decrease is due to the light sensitivity of folic acid, also to the light in the unseen spectrum of the microwaves.
  • The non-protein nitrogen increases. It is known that non-protein nitrogen increases with increasing milk denaturization, while non-casein nitrogen tends to decrease.
  • Vitamins A and C seem to increase. However, the vitamin in untreated raw milk are not always completely detectable. They are often masked. Certain technological processes may unmask vitamin and thereby seemingly increase their numbers. Common analyses normally give no information about form and quality of vitamins which very well may be changed be such processes.



  • The extraordinary losses of weight because of juice losses in the microwave oven can be reduced when a longer and less intensive defrosting procedure is used. (Such as setting them out at room temperature)
  • Even when carrots were cut into small slices they could not be cooked well done even when put into the microwave oven for 30 minutes (see table 3). Obviously carrots are not well suited for being cooked in the microwave oven. However, from the microwave oven taste and appearance of both vegetables remained unobjectionable.
  • During digestion the availability of energy from vegetables is much slower than from milk. In order to make this energy more readily available it is necessary that vegetables be broken up through cooking. The luminous power of bacteria is thereby strongly stimulated (see table 4). The somewhat lower energy level in vegetables from the microwave oven is due to the heavy weight losses of more than 20% of juice. Therefore, these respective results are not really comparable with the other data. Also repetitions of the cooking procedure did not bring better results.
  • The losses of juices in the microwave oven could not be reduced. It must be assumed that including the energy from the juice weight loss, the total energy would be at least comparable to that of vegetables from the pressure cooker.




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